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Succinct Description

Soul Recovery Systems is an interactive, creative and free emotional garbage disposal service providing people with an opportunity to rid themselves of objects that hinder their lives. SRS accepts objects in any form as long as there are sincere emotional connections attached to them. That said, all objects given to SRS must include an OBJECT RELEASE FORM where the releaser must enter their reason for desired disposal. Once objects and reasons for disposal have been received, they are put under intense observation for SRS to determine the best possible method of release. In the end, a photograph of each object, reasons for release, and videos of each object release are uploaded to the digital landfill where the less burdened can view their once hindering objects in digital form.

Moment of Conception

Partners in cozy crime and collaborators, Felicity Fenton and Michael T. Hensley, conceived SRS one spring day while thumping along the rice pattied mountains of Sapa. At the time they were discussing the wonders hiking does for the brain, and related it to taking out the trash in one’s soul. The discussion then spiraled into a series of ideas about things that often clutter the soul, objects being the heaviest bearer of this emotional clutter. To initiate SRS and more fully understand the free service SRS offers, Felicity and Michael purged several objects from their own lives that harbored painful memories or other associations. Their recently disposed objects along with other folks’ disposed objects can be viewed on the SRS Digital Landfill.

Short Bios

Felicity Fenton was born in the cool mountains of Colorado on August 15th, the day before Elvis died. At 18, she moved to NYC to study painting at The Art Student’s League. At 21, she traveled around the world for a while to paint and write. Later she was crowned with a shiny MFA in interdisciplinary arts from Vermont’s Goddard College, and soon after, fled NYC for Portland, OR.

Felicity has presented her multi-disciplinarian work in a number of public and private spaces in Portland, NYC, Vermont, Colorado and elsewhere. She has taught art to both adults and children, was a singing telegram, a Chilean farmer, a trusty assistant to two well-known rock stars, and does “work work” as a graphic designer and art director.

After living in Vietnam for seven months to finish her first novel, she recently headed back to Portland, Oregon to start SRS with Michael T. Hensley. She is also currently working on several other projects including collaborative paintings and ongoing relational performances involving the sense of smell, backup singers, and strangers.

You can see more of Felicity’s work at

Michael T. Hensley was born in Charlottesville Virginia. There he studied sculpture and figurative drawing while working as an apprentice to Robert Bricker JR. at the Bronze Craft Foundry. He moved to Portland, Oregon to study painting and printmaking at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and at Portland State University where he received his BFA. Since graduating, he has had solo exhibitions at the Blackfish Gallery and the Mark Woolley Gallery and has shown his work in numerous group shows in the Portland area. He has completed a number of commissions both public and private for Tri-Met, RAAC, and Outside In in both Portland and Seattle.

Michael founded the Portland based experimental performance group Random-h and is currently working with relational artist, Felicity Fenton on Soul Recovery Systems.

Michael currently resides and works in Northeast Portland. His paintings can be seen at

SRS Promotional Video

SRS Promotional Video