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Digital Landfill

Emotionally hindering objects given to SRS are buried in our landfill in the order in which we receive them.

To see methods of release videos, reasons for release and object descriptions, click on the thumbnails. If you’d like to release an object to SRS, please go to our disposal page.

Letting go of emotionally harboring objects can be a deeply personal experience, therefore SRS is open to those who would like to release their own objects and is in the process of developing a second digital landfill for this purpose. In the meantime, if you’d like to submit your release, reason for release, and release video, please email us for information and guidelines.

Medical Walker Interoffice Memorandum Two Figurative Paintings
Christmas Wrapped Box filled with Various Nick Knacks Blue bar coaster with writing Anti-MLK Day Flyer Ask Your Own Question – Game Piece
Plastic Clamshells Undeveloped Film Multi-colored Embroidered Bracelet – Reads Felicia My Job Box containing a broken up band’s cds
Custom Painted Box of 16 x 20 Photographs Set of keys with plastic key chain Japanese Rice Farmer’s Hat Personal Check Large Black Sketchbook Filled by Teen Lovers Abalone Shell Box
High Resolution Canon Scanner Folded Letter Addressed to an Old Friend Duck 191 Baby Doll Five Croquette Balls on Wooden Candle Holder Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork 6 t-shirts
Jewelry Two Books – Borrowed and Never Returned Pet Memorial Book Dried Rose and Newspaper Clippings Stuffed Tigger Dog Toy Little Shared Notebook (Hello Kitty Brand) Bag Filled with Beauty Products Cut Dreadlocks with Multi-Colored Rubber bands
Small Glass Jar Containing Belly Button Lint Silver Christmas Ornament in Plastic Case Letter from Tunis Dated June 26, 2000 Photograph of a young man walking into the sun Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm with Blue String Profile Drawing of One Man’s Father Orange diary from 1986 – all pages filled Spider in a Jar Red File Folder Containing Half Finished Project
Dogmatism Signed back-stage pass – autographed by rock star Ceramic Nun One Quarter Eaten Box of Cornflakes (Whole Foods Brand) Expired US Passport US Two-Dollar Bill MTA Metrocard Classified Ad Dated July 4th 1999 Urn filled with cat’s ashes Insect Hive
VHS Tape of a Junior High School Play Camera containing full roll of undeveloped film Three Drawings in Frames Bag Filled with Electronic Goods
SRS (Soul Recovery Systems)