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Bag Filled with Beauty Products

Bag Filled with Beauty Products
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Item number - ahdfakh22

Item description - Bag Filled with Beauty Products

Date of release - Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Name - Chelsea Clark-James

Reason for release -

"Tote"al Beauty Bag Hand me down makeup and old sponges, beauty supplies, dusty, their liquid contents having separated at times, shaken back together and separated once again. These aren't what make me beautiful and removing them won't leave me ugly. That's a bit of a dramatic statement, really I need to release this need for outside validation of my beauty. Good hygiene, and vein grooming, are one thing, but the collection of things that might make me more attractive is something else all-together. Tools are to help achieve an inner, pre-described goal - collecting tools without a goal only clutters - like heavy blue eyeshadow - over shadowing the foundation beneath. There is one cosmetic item that I've kept all this time from sentiment; the loose eye dust in champagne located inside the zipper pocket is something I bought in NYC on my first trip to visit my friend Karen. I have never found a color I like so much and so I haven't used it for years because I thought I might run out and never be able to use it again. Now I look at it and won't use it because who knows what it might do to my eye if its gone bad (they say cosmetics expire). I sigh right now thinking of it as representing missed opportunities, how many invitations I've let expire... and that regret will only clutter my energy, so out it goes. Finally there's the box full of jewelry, which all relate in one way or the other but I will not discuss. An old friend gave me this. At first it was a weed box for me (once it had an inner divider with six little boxes) but I never did put any weed in it. Really it's never been full, always an empty box that looks pretty on the outside. Once I used it as a travel jewelry case, but the clasp doesn't hold and I had to put a rubber band around it. I cleaned it regularly and put it back on the shelf- out of sight. Wow, looking back at the last paragraph I am struck with emotion. All this time I quietly carry this fear that I am an empty box, pretty on the outside, and even though I keep it out of sight, and have not been able to successfully integrate it as something useful, instead of releasing it, I periodically refresh it and put it back. it makes me feel sad to be releasing a part of myself, even though it's a part I obviously don't need, and to a great deal that I'm tired of carrying. I also need to release the thought of beauty being a win-lose situation and that the most/best tools win.

Method of release - SRS released this bag of beauty products by applying them all to the face then rinsing it clean.

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One Response to “Bag Filled with Beauty Products”

  1. Chelzbot says:

    I was just told ‘no cackling” because I laughed so hard at this release. The droopy sag of the face mask as it slowly fell from your face is the perfect representation of what the beauty industry is…thank you for giving me the needed release of these things with laughter-the original beautifier!

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