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Bag Filled with Electronic Goods

Bag Filled with Electronic Goods
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Item number - hkjg56

Item description - Bag Filled with Electronic Goods

Date of release - Monday, September 28th, 2009

Name - Chelsea Clark-James

Reason for release -

Bag of Entanglements The bag itself hasn't been used in years, but served so well during its time that I've carried it from closet to closet over the years. It has been stored inside another bag. It is a great gift to be able to appreciate the quality of things in life, and once it's done... I will let go of the baggage. Inside there are cables - connection cables (RCA-mini) power cables (an old cell phone charger) and data cables (usb, phone wire) headphones and camera sight and sound. Cluttered and tangled in the corners of my house, they have stayed there all this time because of ignorance. I think they must belong to something I have, some laptop adapter or camera, or those uncomfortable headphones, what if I lose all my other headphones (there are a few pairs)? Right? It's all fear, but it's also representative of creating permission for low level energy suckers and communication interruptions in my soul, psyche, mind... and in my body. The tiny little underminding energies that I think must belong somewhere or to something - but they don't and they are no longer welcome - so away they will go. Which brings me to the batteries. NFG=no fucking good, which they all are, so here are the things that I know are past their use (aforementioned energies) and I know that I don't want them anymore, but I just don't know where to dispose of them, so I will release the, and trust that they will be disposed of accordingly. The focus shifts from my responsibility to dispose and my choice to let go.

Method of release - pending

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