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Box containing a broken up band’s cds

Box containing a broken up band’s cds
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Item number - jdakjh4478

Item description - Box containing a broken up band’s cds

Date of release - Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Name - Adam

Reason for release -

The reasons I'd like to destroy all copies of this CD are: It represents the fall of what I feel had been a great thing... a strongly bonded group of late-adolescent best friend musicians that had been through so much together.  By the time this disc was recorded, the original members had moved across country, my brother had been kicked out of the band (by me), and real life ensued (meaning 9-5 or 3-12 jobs, girlfriends/spouses, rent/mortgages/ break-ups). For the band, this meant a slow but certain breakdown of leadership and vision. Add to that a talented outsider with his own very personal vision plus a misguided choice(should have been Larry!) in who produced/engineerd your record... and well, that's disappointment.

Method of release - SRS released this box of cds by covering one of the band's songs entitled "Crystal Swimming". Along with our makeshift instruments, all cds/cases were recycled and/or destroyed.

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