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Custom Painted Box of 16 x 20 Photographs

Custom Painted Box of 16 x 20 Photographs
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Item number - ehaye3g3bq

Item description - Custom Painted Box of 16 x 20 Photographs

Date of release - Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Name - Anonymous

Reason for release -

Hello. My friend Meghan referred you to me, and so it is for that reason that I have come to you for help. This box of photographs has been haunting me for well over a year now and it's time to let go. I had printed a bunch of these photos for a friend who asked me if I would, and added some of my own to the mix in hopes of brightening his spirits. Upon completion, I phoned the friend to ask if I could drop them off at his house and he replied that he didn't want them. So I have been stuck with this gift ever since, moving the box from place to place in hopes that I may find a new home for it or find something to do with it or somewhere to show the photographs or maybe give it to the person it was intended for even though he doesn't want it... Anyway, I need to get rid of this because it's driving me crazy. I think the best home for it would be to display the photographs in some sort of gallery setting, even if they are just thumbtacked to the wall. I feel like people need to see them. They can be donated or auctioned or whatever. I would prefer that they not be destroyed because of the time that was put into making them. So I release to you a box of photographs by Molly Harrington and Robert LeBlanc, printed by Mahalawanda. Please enjoy them and do what you will.

Method of release - SRS exhibited the artists' photographs at the Waypost - 3130 North Williams Ave. Portland, Oregon from June 3-30th 2010. There was a reception on the 15th of June. Photos will be auctioned or donated.

Watch release video for Custom Painted Box of 16 x 20 Photographs

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