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Christmas Wrapped Box filled with Various Nick Knacks

Christmas Wrapped Box filled with Various Nick Knacks
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Item number - 57w8bf

Item description - Christmas Wrapped Box filled with Various Nick Knacks

Date of release - Monday, February 25th, 2013

Name - Chelsea Clark-James

Reason for release -

Dick in a Box Unwrapped, the box itself was a container of a christmas present of lemon varied lotions and soap, given to me some years ago by my aunt Mary (who incidentally always gave me oder themed toiletries for presents). I have included the last of the original contents among the items. I decided the empty box would be a good place to start storing little things I'd find and carry with me. There are maps inside. I have collected these maps over the years from my parent's subscriptions to National Geographic. At some point, these maps were hanging on a wall in my room or apartment. (I am reminded though that the map is not the territory.) My grand idea was to make a great interactive Chelsea map where I'd collage all the various pieces together. Later I thought and atlas would be more fitting than a map - with the pages textured and cut to represent some perceived moment in my life. Some of the small items in the box have meaning to me: the cast of my teeth after braces; the little totem pole with velcro that I used to keep in my car; shells and wood scraps from places I've been; gifted items. Some of the items are meaningless in their individuality, things I found at work, in the trash, on the ground - but I think collectively these items represent my masochistic need to carry meaningless burdens (I have no idea where this comes from, but I'm done with it) that aren't mine. The wrapping, and mirror adhesed to the bottom are a new development. Just this Halloween I was invited to a Halloween themed party at a local studio (AtLarge). The theme was Saturday Night Live characters/actors. So I chose the musical character Justin Timberlake played in the music video "Dick in a Box." Originally, I was just going to wear the box, attached with a belt, but a colleague demanded that if I was going to wear that costume, there had better be a dick in the box. I thought, "I'll show her a dick in the box" and put the mirror in (which was a gift years ago from my friend Annie, but I had only used it as bathroom decor). When people looked in the box, they found the dick! It went over smashingly. Back to deciding to use the box... I was looking to see what I had that would work and thought, "Shit, I've never used the box for anything else, might as well dump it out and cut it up. This was before I decided to do SRS, so I think that it must be time to let it go. - of false representaions (maps) - of cultural garbage ( nick knacks) - of the fear mentality that I must stockpile because there won't be enough later.

Method of release - SRS released this box of nick knacks by reconstructing all parts into a book - with the help of friends and strangers - then leaving it on the shelf of a library for others to peruse.

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