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Classified Ad Dated July 4th 1999

Classified Ad Dated July 4th 1999
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Item number - gd3738

Item description - Classified Ad Dated July 4th 1999

Date of release - Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Name - Nicole

Reason for release -

My boyfriend at the time bought me a great dane puppy. We were living in Arkansas and I didn't have any friends. My new dog "Harley" and I bonded and I showered him with my love. I had to break up with my boyfriend and eventually Harley and I returned to Portland. He had become extremely protective of me and aggressive towards all other dogs. Once, he broke the leg and tore the stomach of my neighbor's boxer. Two vets and one trainer all urged me to put him to sleep or find a different home out of the city for him. "It's in his best interest," they said. I cried for days. That dog was the love of my life.. I had to make the ultimate sacrifice though and find him a new home. It killed me. I placed an ad in the paper and prayed for a perfect home for my black giant. Several people called but I didn't feel right about any of them. One night a girl called and my heart fluttered. I had a premonition that she was perfect for Harley. The next day they met and Harley adored her. When the girl pulled out the money for him I said, "thank you, but my dog is worth more than money. He's found a good home and that's all I want." That was 1999. In the Summer of 2008, I was meeting with the president of a volunteer organization and commented on his very unusual last name. "I gave my dog to a girl with that same last name... a long time ago." The man said "Oh, that's my niece! She and her husband loved that dog! I think he may have passed away from old age, by now if I'm remembering correctly." My Harley had lived a good life and whenever I think of him, I still get tears in my eyes. It's time to release this classified ad that I've held onto all this time. My one request to god is to please put me in dog heaven when I die.

Method of release - Pending

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