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Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork

Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork
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Item number - 36q864uj

Item description - Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork

Date of release - Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Name - Chelsea Clark-James

Reason for release -

Paper Weight "Some are very busy, and yet do nothing." - Thomas Fuller All these hours, all this thinking, pondering, writing plan after plan, "improving" myself... all filler for nothing. The trap of thought... all my energy remains in a frozen state, never solidifying into action. Right now I don't even know what's in the bag, only the two papers in the front pocket ( I thought you'd appreciate it - was a memory exercise I did when we were in Thailand). I need to release the weight of my thoughts, so they can actually manifest. And that scares the shit out of me - stepping out of my own jail cell... I wonder if I have the strength to do it. Is this the kind of thing that I can fake until I make it, or will I be crushed if I'm not strong enough? I suppose I'll only ever know when I take the weight myself and become an atlas in my own right, carrying my own world - but not in the same lonely way... my energy reserves come from the great love of true companions that make my world beautiful and sustainable.

Method of release - SRS released this "paperweight" by constructing a cocoon and breaking free from it.

Watch release video for Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork

2 Responses to “Decorative Bag – Brimming with Paperwork”

  1. Chelzbot says:

    thank you for what you do. this is wonderful process to have out there in our cultural dialogue. I was inspired to do a release of my own. Please enjoy:
    thank you, thank you, thank you

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