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Interoffice Memorandum

Interoffice Memorandum
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Item number - 464122jhh

Item description - Interoffice Memorandum

Date of release - Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Name - Anonymous

Reason for release -

I work for a company that has very little respect for its employees. Though staff works hard and stays with the company for years (I live in a place where jobs are scarce, so people are forced to stay in working situations they might not otherwise be in), they don't give annual reviews, paid sick days, or any sort of positive feedback on even a semi-regular basis. The boss is rarely in the office and though he expects "wow" with virtually no budget or timeframe as to when projects should be done, when the work is finished, he doesn't even look at it. He rushes through looking (or doesn't look at all) over anything despite how much effort has been put into them. He doesn't answer important emails. He doesn't make time for important meetings (or if he puts together a meeting, he never has an agenda, shows up an hour late or doesn't show at all). And he doesn't follow through with anything. He's always got to be somewhere, but everyone he's supposed to meet with hasn't seen him. The place is chaotic and dreary and people are unhappy, but my boss fails to pay attention to anything. His attention is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He's got a major case of scatterbrains. Four employees have quit over the last year and they still haven't been replaced. The place is largely understaffed and all employees are overwhelmed with responsibility. Despite all this, the company has always made a profit, which is why the "interoffice memorandum" that landed on desks caused smoke to come out of every employee's ear. One of the only perks at my job was a selection of teas and coffee we could choose from. We were also given non-dairy creamer and sugar. But last week they asked us to vote for our favorite two teas because they wanted to pair them down to save some money. When all workers voted on their teas, the "interoffice memorandum" was passed out to reveal the winners - English Breakfast and Fusion Green and White. Beneath the announcement of the winning teas was another note: "As ****** stated in his year end letter, we are working diligently to bring all expenses back to an acceptable level. In addition to the teas that did not make the top two, the following will also be discontinued: hot cocoa, decaf coffee, sugar and creamer." Sugar and creamer? So the staff now has an option of english breakfast, green white tea, and folgers without sugar and creamer. For years, I've compromised my integrity working for the company I work for. I do plan on leaving at some point, but right now I'm going to remain where I am until I find something else (and believe me - I will find something else). I want the employees to be treated better and for the work environment to improve. I know I can do little things on my own to make this happen, but I need to purge the expectations I have of my boss changing the way things are. I know I am the change. I know I can't change others. So I'm hoping with the purging of this note SRS will do something magnificent for others. You always do. Thanks for your work.

Method of release - Pending

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