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Japanese Rice Farmer’s Hat

Japanese Rice Farmer’s Hat
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Item number - fsfh8484

Item description - Japanese Rice Farmer’s Hat

Date of release - Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Name - Chelsea Clark-James

Reason for release -

I was given this hat by the second George I'd ever met. I was living in Hawaii, he was a marine serving his four years. Man, I don't even know what to say, I've wrapped so much memory into this hat. I guess that is simply why it has to be released. George traded his green military hat for this hat from the head of a nice paddy farmer he encountered (peacefully) while doing jungle training exercises in Japan. When he went back to Hawaii, he hung it on the wall. He had already had it a few years when he gave it to me as my parting gift from Hawaii. I have cared for it since 1999, moving it, hanging it, moving it, storing it, moving it, hanging it. I've thought of it as an interactive cultural act and would frequently hang it next to the National Geographic Historical geography of Japan map (which has already been released).

Method of release - SRS released this Japanese farmer's hat by giving it extraterrestrial powers to roam freely and finally burn.

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  1. One of the sweetest expressions of love I’ve witnessed.

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