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Orange diary from 1986 – all pages filled

Orange diary from 1986 – all pages filled
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Item number - 3697qe

Item description - Orange diary from 1986 – all pages filled

Date of release - Friday, November 6th, 2009

Name - Kate Scott

Reason for release -

In the children’s section of a Value Village I found this diary of an unnamed 31-year-old gay male living with his mother. I could never figure out why it was given to a thrift store—was it voyeurism? Was it his mother? Maybe he needed SRS before it existed. I paid $3 to take it home and have kept it for the last several years because I didn’t want anyone else finding it and reading it. I don’t want to keep his secrets anymore.

Method of release - SRS prepared and consumed this recipe for Hoison Chicken which was found in the pages of the diary. We also created a floral arrangement with it's pages to honor their dream of someday working with flowers and plants.

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