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Personal Check

Personal Check
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Item number - 73q08ehdh

Item description - Personal Check

Date of release - Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Name - Nicole

Reason for release -

I have to release this check, as well as what it represents - payment for an experience that was so deceitful and horrendous there could never be compensation for what I endured. An old lady tricked me. She asked if I was available to stay overnight on her couch the night of her "minor surgery". She was a stranger at the time, but lives one floor above me in our apartment building. "Sure" I told her. No big deal, I thought. The next day her daughter called me, someone I had never met or ever spoken to. She explained that her mother was scheduled for plastic surgery on her face, but that she didn't want anyone to know that was her "minor surgery". I felt it was too late to back out of my commitment to stay overnight. Then the old woman called me the day before her surgery to say I needed to be there at 4pm. This was indeed not just an overnight stay. I told her that I knew she was getting a facelift and that I wasn't comfortable with blood. I would be unable to do any hands-on, so she should hire a professional caregiver. "Oh no" she said, "you just need to be there. You don't need to do anything." "Okay" I said. I met her in the hallway of our apartment building when she returned from surgery. I couldn't look at her face without getting nauseous. It was battered. Here was an 85 year old woman with swollen, bleeding lips, eyes with stitches and swollen shut bleeding stitches around her mouth. She was being escorted because she was dizzy and could not see. I was both furious and sickened. I stayed with her all night, getting her throw-up bucket when she got sick every hour. A glob of puss formed at the corner of her mouth and I didn't care. She had lied about what she needed from me, and she had done this atrocious thing to herself. I was in shock for 24 hours after staying with her. I could not eat, sleep or think straight. I am still processing the experience, why someone would choose to do this to themselves, and also the "surgeons" who commit such violence to another person's body. Seniors get taken advantage of all the time, however, in my case, I got taken advantage of by a senior - and no amount of money could compensate me for that hell night of blood and throw-up.

Method of release - SRS released this personal check in the amount of 75.00 by giving 7.50 to 10 individuals who exhibited random acts of kindness.

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