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Silver Christmas Ornament in Plastic Case

Silver Christmas Ornament in Plastic Case
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Item number - 283qnfs

Item description - Silver Christmas Ornament in Plastic Case

Date of release - Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Name - anonymous

Reason for release -

This silver christmas ornament represents the falling apart of my family. My parents divorced suddenly when I was 6 or 7 devastating my brother and I. Then our mother abandoned us without a word. My childhood was shattered and the magic of Christmas was too. Santa Claus wasn't coming to town anymore. My father did his best to make the holidays something special but it was never the same. As we grew older we grew further apart and the holidays became mostly isolated and depressing affairs. For years now he has sent me these silver ornaments, the only remaining sentiment of that time we spent together as a happy family so long ago. So I'm releasing the pain of loss associated with the holidays so that I may be free to create my own happy and warm holiday.

Method of release - SRS humbly approached Santa Claus to ask for his assistance in restoring a long lost sense of family and the joy associated with the holidays for this release. The ornament was hung on Santa's tree.

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