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Spider in a Jar

Spider in a Jar
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Item number - hdwhdg263

Item description - Spider in a Jar

Date of release - Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Name - Michael T. Hensley

Reason for release -

I tortured and killed insects. Hordes of them as a boy growing up in the wilds of Virginia. It was a full time job.I used fire crackers, burning plastic milk jugs, BB guns, rocks, sticks, and even pitted ill fated grasshoppers against one another in battles to the death, one chewing off the head of the other. June bugs would easily fly off with a burning firecracker taped to their backs only to explode in mid flight. One insect we never fucked with was the Praying Mantis. It was the one bug that could look you straight in the eye. There was something alien yet human about them. My friends daughter had caught these two spiders in hopes that they would brutally consume one another in a battle to the finish. I felt sorry for them and it reminded me of all the pain I had inflicted upon the insect world as a child. So in order to repair the damage I purchased the spiders and jar for $10  plus a hand full of leftover Halloween candy so that I could return them to the wilds of Northeast Portland to live out their respective and natural lives.

Method of release - SRS purchased spider from a kid for $10 then released it in order to make amends for childhood insect torture.

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