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Stuffed Tigger Dog Toy

Stuffed Tigger Dog Toy
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Item number - 37q6fgf

Item description - Stuffed Tigger Dog Toy

Date of release - Friday, January 1st, 2010

Name - Nicole

Reason for release -

Thank you for offering to take this emotional baggage off my back/soul. (Sorry, it's a little smelly.) I'm so sick of looking at my dog's toy, tigger, because it reminds me of one of the worst years of my life - Sept. 08 - June 09. After selling my home and traveling with my husband, we used my parent's house as a "base of operations" from which we traveled some more and volunteered locally from my parent's house. What loving parents they are - from a distance, but living in their uber-conservative nest was an emotional nightmare. I had differentiated from them when I was 17-and that was 17 years ago. My husband was living with his inlaws and my dog tore into their stuffed tigger. The three of us felt trapped, but we were homeless otherwise, unemployed, and seeking our path. Thank god for Washington DC where we reside currently. Don't get me wrong - it was fabulous living rent-free, but the emotional turmoil (emotional suicide-really) nearly caused me to go insane. The more my dog tore the stuffing out of her tigger, the heavier I felt being there. I felt like a snail too ashamed and miserable to come out of my shell. Somehow, even after moving out of their house, tigger still haunted me. Association, I'm sure. I'm sorry to take this de-stuffed toy from my dog, but it's the last remaining item in my life that represents my hell year. I want to feel 100% free of my experience - no sticky tendrils trying to keep me enslaved. I'm in one of the most incredible cities in the world, and I don't need a glance at tigger to ruin my day. My dog will understand, she's sensitive too.

Method of release - SRS released this stuffed tigger toy by removing the toxic memories associated with the past.

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