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Three Drawings in Frames

Three Drawings in Frames
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Item description - Three Drawings in Frames

Date of release - Monday, September 28th, 2009

Name - Anonymous

Reason for release -

These three loose pictures have had a long and recycled life. The frames once belonged to another impulse gift from my ex's mom, they were three of four small picture frames that attached to a matching steel carrier. It was a large and pointless space eater, which we never even took out of the box, and for probably two years kept it in the closet. In the spirit of not wanting to waste, when I did finally decide to throw it out, I took the picture frames and found doodles among my journals and school notes and put them inside. Over the years I have hung them in various places, always together, even though they were awkward to hang, as that was not the intended mounting for these objects. I'm seeing this right now as I write that I've been using it as something that works though only with extra effort, and it's still always disjointed. I need to release the pieces cobbled together. They may be working for me, but they aren't helping me.

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