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Urn filled with cat’s ashes

Urn filled with cat’s ashes
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Item number - 388749h

Item description - Urn filled with cat’s ashes

Date of release - Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Name - MTH

Reason for release -

This urn contains the ashes of a long lost friend, my cat Sophia. Her death from lymphatic cancer was a long and painful experience for both of us. One day she just became ill and the next thing I knew my best friend was diagnosed with cancer with no chances of survival. I was told I could keep her alive for a year or so with chemo therapy or have her put down. I could not bear to lose her in that moment so I chose chemo. Sure she was alive but still kinda sick and not very happy with visits to the doctor twice a week. It became clear to me that it wasn't fair to her. So I took her off the drugs. She seemed to get better for a bit and I hoped that the cancer would not come back. But it did one morning and I had no choice but to have her put down. I have never cried so much in my life, I had to get my friend Brian to drive us to the vet because I was such a mess. Upon entering the examining room I removed her from her box and put her on the cold steel table. She hissed at me and I fled the room in tears. That's the last time I saw her. I thought I had lost her before in a house fire. I was roused from sleep one night by the screams of firemen and policemen "Get out of the house! Fire!" As I tried to put on some clothes I was dragged from the house by one of them. I was not allowed to go back in, my cat was in there but I could do nothing. I sat on the curb in tears as the billowing roaring fire consumed the house. The next day I went back to see if I could find her, to see if by some miracle she had made it out of the house. I walked to the back yard calling her name over and over again. Then suddenly I heard a faint meow and then again a little louder. Then my little grey fur ball bounded from the bushes and into my arms, shaken yet still purring up a storm. I immediately burst into tears and always do when I tell this story. I have had Sophia's ashes now for 5 years. It feels wrong to have her remains sit on a shelf, to gather dust amidst meaningless objects of clutter. I want to let her go and to have only the warm memories of her to remember her by. It doesn't feel respectful to keep her in a jar anymore so it's time to let my friend go. Thank you for all your love and companionship sweet little cat. Sophia I love you! 1998-2006

Method of release - Pending

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