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US Two-Dollar Bill

US Two-Dollar Bill
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Item number - 747836qh

Item description - US Two-Dollar Bill

Date of release - Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Name - Kara E.

Reason for release -

When I was a waitress, a kind older man gave this 2-dollar bill as "an extra little tip". I kept the money in my drawer for years as a reminder of how nice people can be. I now realize I never would spend the money nor do I need to keep it in my drawer. The bill itself holds little value outside of the initial act of kindness that came with it. I'm letting go of this money because I feel it's time for me to practice giving more in my life.

Method of release - Pending

One Response to “US Two-Dollar Bill”

  1. Steve Harrison says:

    US$ 2.00 bills are considered very very lucky in Vietnam, not for spending but for keeping to guarantee prosperity. Every time I go on a bike trip to the Islands south of HoiAn some local asks me to find one of these for them.
    So send this to me and I will find a recipient for it.

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